Help, my Internet is down and I can’t get it back up!

Most families I know have no idea what’s going on outside their computer when it comes to Wi-Fi, cable, DSL, etc. It’s a frustrating black hole of technology that is yet just another thing to have to learn.

Wireless Sculpture @ DCA

Photo by Dan Dan the Binary Man

Just the other day my neighbor was having problems connecting to the Internet. She was frustrated beyond belief trying to deal with her Internet Service Provider (ISP) who wasn’t very helpful. Eventually she ended up calling me for assistance.

I talked her through a few steps from my phone hoping that would help, but she was still unable to connect to the Internet from her iPad. What ended up happening at her home was a combination of a bad modem, user error and a few other things.
When all was said and done with my assistance and finally the help of a savvy technician from her ISP, she was surfing the Internet again with an even stronger security setup.
Here’s the good news, there is help out there in cyberspace. Referenced below are a few articles about networking for the home that will help you out in a pinch.
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