Someone just tried to scam me over the phone!

I just received one of those calls you hear about on Web sites where a “technician” calls to tell you that your computer is infected. Obviously, I was the wrong person to call…I asked him “which computer? I have six.” He then said it was the one I use most often. I then told him I use them all equally because they all have different functions. (In all honesty, I don’t have six “working” computers and I was counting the mobile devices too.) I mentioned a bunch of different operating systems, etc. He then said it was my Windows 7 computer.

About this point, I was getting irritated and couldn’t keep going with what I knew he was doing and just said to him, “I know you’re full of it and you’re trying to scam me.” He kept telling me it wasn’t a scam.

Finally, I blatantly lied to him and told him I was a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). which I’m not and said, “do you know what a CISSP knows?” He then put me on hold and another “technician” got on the call and asked if this phone line was a business. I told him, no it wasn’t and then asked the second technician if he knew about security professionals. By this point, they hung up on me.

Everyone, please be aware of this type of hoax. I thought it would never happen to me and it did. Beware!

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