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Life 360 is a communication service for families to keep connected via a variety of devices such as the iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry and other cellular phones. It provides a location-based map that tracks family members, crime and the listings of registered of sex offenders.

The service is free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones via an application (app) available for download. It includes a map, chat and alert capabilities. Additionally, the app works with the iPad and iPod touch when connected via Wi-Fi. For family members with phones that can’t use the app, there is an additional service for $4.99 per month for up to five phones.


Tracking: Family members can find each other on the map including driving directions.

Check-in: The app provides each phone user with the ability to check in when they get to a specific location such as a friends’ house, work or school.

Chat: Each family member can chat with the entire group all at once saving time and energy to communicate status, including an emergency alert button.

Automatic alerts: Locations such as home and school can bet setup to automatically alert family members when individual members arrive and leave.

Location history: See where each family member has been and where they go most often.

Crime statistics and registered sex offenders: Knowing where crime takes place and the location of registered sex offenders provides users with valuable location data to be safe and aware.

Safe locations: Hospitals, police stations and fire stations are also labeled for safety.

Emergency information: With registration on the Web site, family members’ emergency information such as allergies and medical conditions can be shared with all family members.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Select App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices and search for Life360 and install the app.
  2. Launch the app and enter e-mail address to login or create and account.
  3. Follow the setup directions for setting up your personal profile.
  4. Invite other family members to join and setup Life360 on their phones.

5 thoughts on “Life 360 Family Locator

  1. Reply Spitfire Feb 3,2017 8:42 pm

    I have this app on my phone. But, does not allow me to login or use. It apparently is used for tracking and targeting of individuals.
    I have been followed and cyber stalked thru This application for the past two years. I have had my car vandalized, my home broken into and all my online accounts hacked with the negligence use of this app. And the family locater SPRINT network.
    Be aware that there are people who use this to stalk, harass and follow people’s driving habits. While blocking them from this service or joining.

    • Reply DigitalSecurityMom Feb 12,2017 3:08 pm

      If the app isn’t logged in, it won’t track you. Sounds like your issues are not specifically related to this app, which can be deleted. You can only follow others once approved.

  2. Reply alison May 8,2017 5:53 pm

    How do i use with an Ipod? When loading on my daughters, it keeps asking for a phone number and she doesnt have one. what is the work around?

    • Reply DigitalSecurityMom Jul 6,2018 10:06 am

      It sounds like the iPod was previous owned iPhone. Try taking out the SIM card.

    • Reply Anne Aug 15,2018 11:49 am

      Alison, I was researching the same thing and on the help page for Life360 it has an answer…

      Why is a phone number required on my account now?
      Life360 is now requiring all accounts to include a phone number. This is being done to ensure an added layer of security on the account. It also allows the member to receive Place Alert notifications on their device.

      We understand that a small number of Life360 users have a device that does not use a phone number. Good news! You may still keep your existing Life360 account.

      Here are two ways to keep connected:

      If you never log out of the app, you will not need to enter a phone number. We will not “kick you out” of the app. Make sure you do not log out of the app, or uninstall the app. If you ever do get access to a phone number, remain logged in to the old device until you add the new phone number to your account
      You can get a free phone number using Google Voice or other similar service. This will give you a valid, working phone number that you can use on your Life360 account, and for everyday use.

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