AppCertain parental controls for iOS

AppCertain is a free parental control application (app) available for iOS. It provides parents with two main advantages.

The first advantage is that it provides analysis of every single app installed on the iOS device. Some of the analysis categores include educational value, what resources the app accesses such as the camera and location services, in-app purchases, content sharing and more.

The second advantage is the ability to remotely put the device in curfew mode which changes the device to only work with the core iOS features. This is a significant advantage to parents who have provided their child with an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Previously, there was no way to restrict the use of applications.

IMG_3867Step-by-step directions:

  1. Download and install the AppCertain app from Apple’s App Store on your child’s device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
  2. Login as the green kid’s device. This is because you’re on your kid’s device. Later after everything is installed, you can download this app to your device to monitor and maintain control of your kid’s device from your iOS device. Or, you can just use Safari or any other browser, even from a desktop computer or Android device.
  3. Create and account with AppCertain following the instructions on the device.
  4. After setting up the account, you’ll be asked to activate the device. NOTE: your first device is free; any more devices are $4.99.
  5. You’ll then be redirected to a Safari (Web browser) page that explains how AppCertain will install (after you push the install button) a profile setting on your kid’s device in the settings along with how to reach them for support. Click the green “got it” button.
  6. Click the install button. You may be prompted for the device’s password and as the parent, you should know it. You will also be prompted to trust the profile that is about to be installed. Select that you trust the profile. Click done.

From this point on, you will receive regular emails on the apps installed on the device, anytime anything new is installed including the educational value of the app. Additionally, if the kid deletes the profile, you will be notified.

Curfew Mode

When you want the device to only be used as a phone and remove all time wasters such as games and social media, curfew mode takes all of the time wasters off of the device at your command. This can be used via scheduled time or on demand via logging into the app with your account details or via logging into the AppCertain Website via any browser.

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