Important unscheduled update to Internet Explorer in Windows

Sometimes it happens on a full moon and once a month IT administrators and some knowing home users take place in “Patch Tuesday”, that is, if you’re running Microsoft products. It’s where Microsoft releases all their security updates to their operating systems. If your Windows PC is set to receive automatic updates, you just muddle along with what your computer says. This week is different.

In atypical fashion, Microsoft released a patch yesterday for the Internet Explorer browser and another one for those running the Windows 8 operating system. This is considered an “out-of-band” security update/patch and you should pay attention to it. Basically, if Microsoft releases a security patch and it’s not the second Tuesday of the month, i.e. Patch Tuesday; it’s a big deal.

For most of you with systems configured to update, you shouldn’t worry about anything. The update will happen automatically. I tend to be a bit more methodical with my approach. First I update all my Windows computers at home and then remote into my parents and in-law’s computers to verify if they have been updated.

Below is a screen shot of yesterday’s patch from Microsoft on my PC in Windows 7. The easiest way to find it is to select the START button on the lower left of your PC and type “Windows Update” in the search bar. XP users have a bit more of a challenge, but the update is similar, just search for windows update using the search feature within Windows.

Windows Update

My Windows Update screen in Windows 7

For more details on the security or patch update, check out these articles:

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Plus if you’re smart enough to be using Firefox (my favorite), Chrome or another browser, then a gold star for you! If you use a Macintosh, even more gold stars.


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